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        CWA 13000

                                                                                                                Welcome LOCAL 13000!



        The CWA Local 13000 has arranged this online store in partnership with The Union Shop, so you can order pre-approved
        apparel items
        at any time and in any quantity. Each item listed on this store includes a left chest logo, embroidered or printed.

        If you are looking for an item you can’t find on this page, or need something special for an event, please contact us.

        Please note that a product search will take you to The Union Shop general store. Unless the item specifically states
        it is CWA approved product, we will need to seek authorization prior to ordering and there will be an additional
        fee to add the logo.

        You will have the option to register during the checkout process. If you do register, you can track your orders and see what 
        items you have ordered in the past after logging in during each visit.

        We can also help with just about any promotional item you may need for your department or event. Banners, posters, or
        just about anything you can imagine we can help with. We also do 
        our art in house, normally at no charge in conjunction with an order.

        If you have any questions, please Contact Us. You may also call us at 630-513-8728.

        We have spent over 12 years finding Made in USA and Union Made clothing and promotional items, so give us a call! We are here to help and make things easy for you.




        Men's Oxford Dress Shirt



        Men's 2-Color Raglan Sleeve Polo 



        Edge Polo Shirt






        Lady Edge Polo Shirt






        National Polo Shirt






        Lady National Polo Shirt






        Aqua Dry Pique Polo Shirt






        Union Made Tee Shirt






        Union Made Long Sleeve Tee Shirt







        Union Made Women's Basic Tee Shirt






        Arctic Thermal Zipper Hooded Sweatshirt 






        Tundra Fleece Pullover



        Explorer Fleece Jacket



        Arctic Work Vest